What an interesting year so far!

It is September 2019 and I have had some really interesting writing experiences this year. I’ve visited some great cafes and restaurants, art exhibitions, comedy shows and tried some art classes. I’ve done 12 events this year. I’m hoping I might still be able to beat my record of 16 events from last year. But even if I don’t it doesn’t matter. I’ve had a blast. My favourite experience this year so far would have to be the art exhibit ‘A Man, A Monster & The Sea’ which featured a dazzling array of hand knitted sea creatures and coral reefs. It was so beautiful and creative! It’s amazing the things some people can do. I tried to learn how to knit once but I do not have the concentration or fine motor skills. It’s a surprisingly difficult skill to master. I also really enjoyed going to The Painted Teapot which is an art gallery where you can paint china figurines and plates. I had so much fun painting a tea cup there I went back not once, not twice, but four more times!

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