Video Games for Women

I wrote an article last year called ‘The Best Video Games for Women’ that listed a couple of games I liked. I’ve been a big gamer ever since my Mum and Dad got us a Super Nintendo and put a controller in my hands and introduced me to Super Mario World. I have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch and have so, so many games. I play all sorts from first person shooters, to puzzle games, to cooking games, to platformers, to racing games. I thought it would be fun to write a list and review a couple of games that I thought women might find fun or games that I thought had good female representation. To my surprise this article has been really, really popular. It’s currently the fourth most popular article I’ve ever done and earns about 200 clicks or more a month despite it being over a year old. I know 200 clicks a month might not seem like much, but this article is close to getting 2,000 clicks. It’s a lot for me. Most of the articles I write that earn the most clicks are event articles.

‘The Best Video Games For Women’ is an activity article, and while those are fun to write for me, they rarely get a lot of clicks. Activity articles are things like lists, book reviews, TV show reviews, stuff like that. Most get a handful of clicks, maybe a dozen or more, and most rarely get over 100. I am so intrigued by how well this article has been received. Is it because some people think that women don’t like to game? I’ve had a few comments like that in my time. ‘Oh, how strange, you like video games? I thought only men and boys played those’ is a typical comment. I’ve always found those sorts of questions weird. Women are people. We are all different and unique human beings. Video games are not just meant for men and boys. They are for anyone who wants to play them. There are plenty of games out there that women will like. Women are not ‘faking’ liking video games or doing it for attention. They are just being themselves. I am so grateful my parents introduced me to video games. I had such a great childhood playing Super Mario, Mario Kart and the Legend of Zelda. Nintendo helped to shape me into the person I am today.

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