No More Facebook

I’ve been thinking about quitting facebook for at least a year now but I held on because I used it for my writing. I used it to get into contact with people and I looked for events. But in the past week I read two articles about how facebook was letting people look at people’s private photos and messages and I thought… I can’t do this anymore. I deactivated my account. I don’t know if I will go back to it. I’m determined to try and find a way to promote myself online without it. I have no idea if any of the people who followed me on FB will follow me over onto twitter or onto here. I regretted losing my writing page, but I only had a handful of followers and most of them were just family and friends. I’m still on twitter and Instagram (for now). I KNOW Instagram is also owned by Facebook. I know I should probably leave that as well. But for now I will stay. I think I still want some connections with some people (for now). But FB itself is just too creepy and frankly I think it’s on its last legs. I’ve been growing more and more concerned with it for years. I hated the ‘tagging’ feature in photos, I hated location sharing, I hated the viral threads and online bullying, the stupid click-bait. I didn’t mind the targeted advertising. I knew they were gathering data about me. But there was so much more to FB than that. It was their never ending HUNGER for MORE MORE MORE and how they didn’t really care about stopping online bullying or stopping people from interfering in elections. If they turned their service into a paid service it would solve so much of their problems. I think social media is a hell of an ugly thing and it just keeps growing and growing and getting worse and worse. I suspect I will probably dump all social media in the future. It just gets under my skin. When I was a kid we were told not to put private details online and now everyone posts EVERYTHING online and I’ve never been 100% comfortable with it.

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