Can You See Me Now?

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When Ryan Walker, a blind and mute single father, wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone breaking into his house he is crippled with terror. With a baseball bat as his only weapon, he is faced with a choice: should he go downstairs and confront the intruder or take his young daughter and flee?



Carry Me Away

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When Leda, a young girl from a peasant family, is told by her parents that they are going to force her to marry a man she dislikes she makes the decision to run away from home the night before the nuptials are due to take place. Terrified, she escapes into the forest and meets…a swan. The beautiful creature becomes a man. He tells her that he is Zeus, the King of the Gods, and that he heard her weeping. Leda and Zeus are immediately attracted to each other. Will they give into lust or will they walk away from each other and return to their own lives?


When I Look Into Your Eyes

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Beautiful and dangerous, Hera has become a figure of legend: a powerful goddess gifted with terrible powers known for being trapped in a marriage with the sly, despicable Zeus. In this short story, Zeus and Hera’s relationship has become so volatile and toxic they have not spoken or seen each other in centuries. Hera wanders the Earth alone and Zeus spends his time bedding human women and getting them pregnant and then leaving them. It has become a twisted game between them. He doesn’t try to hide his actions from Hera. He wants her to find out about his lovers. He wants to shame her. Or, at least, that is what Hera thinks as she raises her hand to knock on the door of Cassandra White.

Whispers in the Dark

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Eros, son of Aphrodite, is a Greek god who lives a lonely life high in the heavens. Every night for eighteen years he has been having visions of a human woman with long black hair and eyes that glittered like gold – was she his soul mate or just a dream? One day, Aphrodite, in a fit of rage discovers that there is a human woman living on Earth who is more beautiful than she. She summons Eros to show him what she has found and he discovers, to his shock, that it is the woman from his dreams. Aphrodite orders Eros to find the woman and bewitch her into falling in love with the ugliest man in the world so that she will never know happiness. But Eros has other plans. He is convinced this woman is his long prophesied soul mate. He finds the woman and the two begin a secret affair where they meet every night and whisper in the dark.

Echoes in the Wind

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Echo, a beautiful Greek Goddess, has a problem. Pan, Lord of the Satyrs, believes that she is his soul mate and wants her for himself. Years ago he captured Echo and imprisoned her in his castle, claiming her as his bride. But now Echo has escaped and fled into the forest and is determined to find her true soul mate. Will she be able to avoid Pan and his minions and find freedom?

Narcissus, a handsome and vain River God, has been searching for his soul mate for hundreds of years with little success. He has legions of women longing to bed him and to be his bride, but he cares very little for them. He beds them and then rids himself of them, uncaring if he leaves them with child or breaks their hearts. He cares about nothing more than finding his soul mate.

When Echo appears unexpectedly on the edge of his riverbank one day, Narcissus is awoken from his slumber by the sounds of her screams. She is being chased by satyrs who have been tasked to take her back to Pan. Narcissus immediately feels a connection between himself and Echo.

Could this be it? Could she be his soul mate?

Has he found her at last?