I attended 16 writing events this year

Woo boy, what a year. I am so proud of everything that I achieved this year. I was an official reviewer for Fringe World, I reviewed some great films, I ate at some great restaurants, I went all the way out to Gingin to go to a science museum (The Gravity Discovery Centre is totally awesome and worth the car trip), I went to Bricktober-Perth which was so much fun and I reviewed SO MANY GOOD BOOKS. I expanded my reviews to video games and TV shows this year as well. I also passed the 250 milestone and I am less than 200 articles away from hitting the 500th article milestone. One of the things I am really proud to have achieved this year is the connections that I made. I had people come straight to me and ask for reviews instead of going through Weekend Notes. That’s huge. I hope that continues to happen in 2019. If you would like me to write a review for you please email me!

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