Knowledge Nuts: 

July 2018 – Present

The Amazing Life of Investigative Journalist Nellie Bly


January 26 – February 25th 2018

I will be writing reviews of FRINGE WORLD shows for in 2018.

My reviews are listed on my events page. Click here to read them.

Weekend Notes: 

July 2016 – Present

Link to my Writer Page

I do most of my writing for Weekend Notes. I write media releases, reviews and lists.  I am listed as a veteran writer and average about 2,000 readers per month. I really enjoy writing for Weekend Notes. It has become a wonderful creative outlet for me.

The Mighty: 

November 2016 – Present

Link to my Writer Page

The Mighty is a website that publishes articles about people who live with disabilities and mental health. I have written some articles for them about my experiences as a person who has learning disabilities. I have received some positive feedback from readers about my articles about dyspraxia.

Travelista Club

Five Fun Things To Do In The Swan Valley – July 28 2017

There is so much to see and to do in the Swan Valley. It is my favourite place to go on the weekend because there is so much to explore. Please check out my article about the Swan Valley for Travelista Club.

Fearless, Inc

December 2016 – August 17 2017

My Fearless Women Five Part Series

Five Fictional Characters Who Are Great Role Models For Boys

Five Fictional Characters Who Defied Gender Stereotypes

Does Bart Simpson Have a Learning Disability?

I was the social media coordinator for Fearless, Inc from December 2016 to August 2017. Fearless is a Western Australian charity that raises awareness about mental health, body image and gender identity. I managed their social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and wrote articles for their blog once a month. I enjoyed working for Fearless. I wrote articles for them about gender stereotypes, role models, learning disabilities, sexism and racism. You can see all of my articles linked above.

#Update 23/07/2018

The website for Fearless is no longer operating so all of the links to my articles no longer work. But I am going to be re-submitting them to other websites so hopefully they will be picked up again. I am grateful for the experience I gained working for Fearless and I am proud of the articles that I wrote.

Perth Mums Group

July – November 2016

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I wrote over 15 articles for Perth Mums Group in 2016. The focus of Perth Mums Group is to write reviews of child friendly establishments in Perth. I wrote reviews of cafes, animal farms, markets and restaurants.

The Baby Vine

Working Mum – Jan 30 2017

Encouraging Children With Special Needs – July 11 2016

I have written articles for The Baby Vine about parenting. Working Mum is about my thoughts about sending our kids to daycare and Encouraging Children With Special Needs is about my thoughts on the film Finding Dory.

Introvert, Dear

July – November 2016

Link to Writer Page

Introvert, Dear is a website devoted to introverts and highly sensitive people. I wrote a couple of articles for them in 2016 about my experiences as an introvert.

Unipoll Watch

Stranger Danger Boosts Obesity in Bunbury – May 2016

I wrote this article in 2016 as part of my studies at university. It is about childhood obesity levels in Bunbury.